Membraloop® Ultrafilter

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The Membraloop Ultrafilter, designed and made in Europe, is the ideal water filter for purifying drinking water from the water tank or another water storage container with a purification level of up to 99.999% of particulate turbidity and bacteria. The flexible membrane can be used to treat drinking water on sailing and motor yachts, in mobile homes, in tiny houses, for simple camping on the move or even in disaster control, with very simple assembly and disassembly and without any power supply.

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Membraloop uses membrane fibers to purify the water using only the upstream pressure of the existing pressure pump (up to 5 bar) and therefore works without electrical energy. The module consists of a highly flexible hose with integrated ultrafiltration membranes. The connection is made between the existing pump (e.g. fresh water pump on board) and the consumer or consumers (e.g. boat pantry tap). Thanks to the high flexibility of the hose, it can also be installed in very tight spaces.

One module of the ultrafiltration unit can treat 15 liters of drinking water per minute (depending on pressure, temperature and raw water composition). Membraloop contains the patented C-MEMª membrane with an average pore diameter of around 0.020 micrometers. This ensures the complete removal of non-dissolved solids, bacteria, viruses and worm eggs (membrane barrier).

With a cleaning interval of up to one year and a service life of up to 10 years, maintenance costs are very low and regular filter replacement costs are eliminated. The Membraloop can be cleaned easily and without additional chemicals.*

The effectiveness of the Membraloop®? water filter has been tested and confirmed by a globally recognized testing and certification institute. Over 1 million bacteria (including Escherichia coli and enterococci) were added to the test water in order to test the retention of the Membaloop in practice. No bacteria could be detected after Filtration. The test report can be sent upon request.

*Due to ultrafiltration, which removes germs to the greatest possible extent, no chemicals are required during regular operation. Annual cleaning with food safe fully biodegradable citric acid and, if necessary, subsequently with a highly diluted 1% sodium hypochlorite solution is recommended.

The membrane and the materials used in the Membraloop comply with the European Regulation EU No. 10/2011 and No. 1935/2004 for use for drinking water.

Membrane: C-MEMTM membrane with an average pore diameter of around 0.020 micrometers (50x smaller than Legionella)
Unit leak test: According to ASTM D 6908:2006; Standard Practice for Integrity Testing of Water Filtration Membrane Systems
WHO classification: Highly protective
Flow: 5 - 15 liters per minute (depending on pressure, temperature and raw water composition)
Pressure (water): 1.0 - 5.0 bar
Max. pressure drop: 3.0 bar
Water temperature: 4° - 40° Celsius / 39° - 104° Fahrenheit
Solids content: < 10 mg/l
Disolved substances: < 1.000 mg/l
Power supply: not needed
Storage conditions 4° - 40° Celsius, UV and weatherproof
Weight: ca. 2 kg
Dimensions (mm): Length: 1000 mm, diameter: 45 mm
Bending radius: < 100 mm
Connections: Raw water: 1/2" female thread
Clean water: 1/2" male thread

Operating & Assembly Instructions Membraloop - German

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Technical Datasheet Membraloop - English

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Technical Datasheet Membraloop - Dutch

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