Freshwater Tank Cleaning

MAR nautic supplies high-quality products for comprehensive tank cleaning with the Katadyn Tank Care Line. The Micropur Tank Care Line dissolves algae and bacteria deposits and eliminates musty odors, bad tastes and Calcium deposits in your fresh water tank, lines and pumps.

Product overview Tank Care Line:

  • Micropur Tank Care Line MT Fresh 25P (in powder form): Eliminates musty odor, bad taste and limescale in water tanks, lines and pumps.
  • Micropur Tank Care Line MT Clean 250P (in powder form): Cleans deposits from the inside walls of tanks, pipes, fixtures and pumps.
  • Micropur Tank Care Line Microbox: 3-step program for clean drinking water - from tank cleaning to water treatment. In addition to the MT Fresh and MT Clean products, the Microbox contains the liquid product Katadyn Micropur Forte 1'000F.

Please note the product safety instructions for the respective product.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.