The Schenker watermakers - Product Overview & Features

The desalination plants of the Schenker product line ZEN, Smart, Modular and WIKI are basically of the same structure. However, they differ in design and therefore offer the ideal solution for each specific customer need.

  • High-quality manufacturing: All Schenker products are made of high-quality materials, which is why the devices and their component are very durable and absolutely corrosion-free.
  • Proven systems: Schenker has been developing desalination plants since 1998. Since then, continuous optimization has resulted in excellent products.
  • Modular design: The central element of each of the ZEN, Smart and Modular product lines is the watermaker unit, consisting of one or more membranes and Schenker's patented Energy Recovery System (ERS). The main element is complemented by the pump unit and the filter cartridges. This modular design allows the selection of the perfect installation location on the yacht with ideal space utilization.
  • Portable version: The mobile watermaker WIKI combines all elements - the watermaker unit with the ERS, the pump with the electric box, the accumulator and the 5 micron filter housing. For commissioning, a small pre-filter (mesh filter) is connected to the system in addition and together with the hoses. Stowed in practical two bags, a place can be found for WIKI on any boat or in any vehicle.
  • Low energy consumption: Energy consumption is unique thanks to Schenker's patented Energy Recovery System (ERS) and is up to 80% lower than with conventional Systems.
  • Direct connection to consumer batteries: Up to the production size of 150 liters per hour, direct connection to the on-board power supply (12 Volts / 24 Volts) is possible. In combination with appropriate alternative energy sources such as solar and wind energy, self-sufficient water production is thus possible.
  • Smooth running and low vibration: The use of a low-pressure pump and the recycling of energy with the ERS makes Schenker products very smooth running and low in terms of vibration compared to other watermakers.
  • AC (230 Volts) as an option: Depending on the product and production volume, a connection to the AC supply on board is also possible (for example generator).

ZEN, Smart, Modular and WIKI in comparison - differences and benefits:

Design / construction Ultra slim and compact, barely bigger than a briefcase. Elongated, compact design based on one or two long membranes. Box-shaped design, based on one to three membranes. Portable, ultra slim, box-shaped design with one membrane.
Benefits of the respective construction

Ultra slim design.

Installation of the core element (membrane and ERS) possible both horizontally and vertically.

Suitable for boats with limited space or for boat owners who like to make the most of the space available.

Naked design. All elements are easily accessible.

Ideal solution when it is preffered to have a clear, open system that is easy to maintain and inspect.

Suitable for boats with more generous space.

Available for water production up to 500 liters (132 gallons) per hour.

Boats with limited space or where flexibility is paramount.

Stowable in two handy bags, quick and easy assembly and commissioning.

Also suitable for general outdoor use for fresh water production from salt or brackish water.

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