Seal Kit for Katadyn PowerSurvivor 40E-12V

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The seal kit for the Katadyn PowerSurvivor 40E desalination system contains all the necessary seals, O-rings and lubricants for the corresponding maintenance work.
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The seal kit contains all the necessary seals, O-rings and lubricants for the Katadyn PowerSurvivor 40E watermaker. Furthermore, the lubricant for the eccentric gear (both the grease for the grease-lubricated gear and the exact amount of oil for the oil-lubricated gear) is included.

The seals should be replaced after approx. 1000 operating hours, in case of age-related damage or heavily worn seals. The replacement of the seals is explained in detail in the manual in the chapter "maintenance and service/seal replacement".
Subject to change without notice.

In order to carry out the maintenance work, the following seals and O-rings are included in the seal kit:

Seal kit:

  • 1x O-ring piston rod
  • 1x lip seal piston
  • 1x seal piston
  • 2x backup discs piston rod
  • 1x gland piston rod
  • 2x seals piston rod
  • 1x stripper
  • 2x O-ring non-return valve plate
  • 1x valve seat
  • 2x valve tappets
  • 2x spring non-return valves
  • 1x hose nipple
  • 1x O-ring valve seat
  • 2x O-rings valve tappets
  • 2x O-rings inlet valve
  • 2x O-rings small membrane tube plug
  • 3x O-rings big membrane tube plug
  • 1x O-ring small cleaning valve
  • 1x O-ring big cleaning valve
  • 2x O-rings membrane
  • 1x square seal salt water


  • 1x O-ring pre filter housing

Lubricants and auxiliary material:

  • 1x bearing grease «Grizzlygrease» 25 g
  • 1x lubricanting oil
  • 1x lubricant
  • 1x «Loctite #270» threaded mounting

Subject to change.

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