Schenker Watermaker ZEN 30

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The Schenker Watermaker ZEN 30 produces 30 liters of fresh water per hour (7.9 gal/h) via reverse osmosis. Thanks to the Energy Recovery System(ERS) the energy consumption is only 110W/h. The desalination system is directly connected to the on-board power supply (12V / 24V).

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The Schenker Watermaker ZEN 30 convinces with high-quality manufacturing, low energy consumption and an ultra-slim, compact, modular design.

The desalination plant of the ZEN product line consists of the watermaker unit (membrane and Energy Recovery System - ERS), the pump unit, the filter units and the Basic control panel. The main element of the system, the watermaker unit, is not much bigger than a briefcase and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Thanks to its modular construction and design, the unit is ideal for yachts with limited space or when optimal use of space is a priority.

The ZEN 30 watermaker produces 30 liters of fresh water per hour (7.9 gallons per hour) via reverse osmosis. Thanks to Schenker's patented Energy Recovery System (ERS), energy consumption is very low at 110 watts per hour (approx. 3.7 watts per liter / approx. 13.9 watts per gallon of water produced). The power consumption is up to 80% lower compared to conventional desalination plants. This makes the unit particularly suitable for self-sufficient water production. The watermaker is connected directly to the consumer batteries (on-board power supply 12 or 24 volts).

The use of high quality materials for all components and the well thought-out design make the ZEN 30 not only quiet running and low on vibration, but also keep the device absolutely corrosion-free and ensure its long life.

Many recreational and circumnavigational sailors rely on the reliable Schenker products with low power consumption. In combination with alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power, they enable an independent lifestyle on the water.

Water output: 30 liters/hour / 7.9 gallons/hour (+/- 20% at 25 degrees water temperature and salinity of 35.000 ppm)
Energy consumption: avg. 110 watts/hour
Energy supply: 12 volts / 24 volts
Weight of shipping parcel: 37 kg / 81.6 lb
Dimensions of shipping parcel: L: 80 cm, w: 48 cm, h: 40 cm
Watermaker Unit Membranes and Energy Recovery System
Dimensions of main element: L: 71.6 cm, d: 14.0 cm, h: 30.75 cm (plus sufficient space for hose connections, see technical drawings)
Weight of main element: 21 kg / 46.3 lb
Membranes: Dimensions: 2.5" x 21" / No: 1
Pump Unit Pump and controll box
Dimensions of pump L: 23.5 cm, w: 22 cm, h: 27 cm  (plus sufficient space for hose connections, see technical drawings)
Weight of pump: 4.5 kg / 9.9 lb
Filter Units Filters, filter cartridges, accumulator, electro valve
5 Micron filter: Dimensions: 5" x 2.32" / 127 mm x 63 mm / No: 1
Activ Carbon filter: Dimensions: 5" x 2.32" / 127 mm x 63 mm / No: 1
Remote Panel Basic  
Features: Start / stop / flush / timer
Dimensions of panel: 10 cm x 6.6 cm, depth 5 cm

The offered package of the Schenker Watermaker ZEN 30 includes:

  • Main unit with membranes and Energy Recovery System (ERS)
  • Pump unit
  • 1x Activ Carbon filter with cartridge and electro valve
  • 1x 5 Micron filter with cartridge and accumulator
  • Net filter
  • Non-return valve with T-piece
  • Remote panel Basic with connecting cable (10 m)
  • Filter wrench
  • Fresh water hose for connection to fresh water tank (6×8 mm, 5 m)
  • Installation kit: hose connectors, brackets, bolts, rubber dampers
  • Manual

The package content of Schenker products is very extensive. Only additional components are required for installation, which depend on the installation location on the yacht and the individual conditions on board.

Hoses and connections:
Please also consult the manual (chapter 4.4).

  • Low pressure water hose: PVC suction hose (reinforced) with steel spiral, PN 6, 16 mm internal hose diameter, individual length according to conditions on board.
  • Medium pressure water hose: Rubber reinforced hose, min. PN 10, 16 mm internal hose diameter, individual length depending on conditions on board.
  • Hose clamps: 20 - 32 mm, depending on the outer diameter of the hoses (we recommend installing 2 hose clamps per connection, in total approx. 34 for the entire installation).
  • Teflon Sealing Tape (PTFE).

Electrical connections:

Please also consult chapter 4.5 in the manual. In this chapter, the electrical connections are explained very well with drawings and images. Use only marine-grade, tin-plated cables. The pump unit is supplied with power directly from the on-board power supply (consumer battery). The cable diameters (mm2) of the electric cables (+/-) vary depending on the length according to the table below. Please also note the correct Ampere fuse for the 12 Volt or 24 Volt unit. The electrovalve on the housing of the Active Carbon filter is connected to the pump unit with a two-core 2.5 mm2 electric cable. In addition to the cables, diameter-dependent ring cable lugs and spade terminals are required for the connections.

Fuse for power supply of pump:      
Version 12 Volt: 16 Amperes      
Version 24 Volt: 10 Amperes      
Power supply pump: for length up to 3 m  for length 3 - 7 m for length 7 - 10 m
Version 12 Volt: two-core (plus/minus) 2x 4 mm2 (11 AWG) 2x 10 mm2 (7 AWG) 2x 16 mm2 (5 AWG)
Version 24 Volt: two-core (plus/minus) 2x 2.5 mm2 (13 AWG) 2x 4 mm2 (11 AWG) 2x 4 mm2 (11 AWG)
Power supply electro valve: ∅     
Version 12 Volt & 24 Volt: two-core 2x 2.5 mm2 (13 AWG)    


The following components may be required additionally, depending on the conditions on board:

  • Through-hull fitting for seawater supply (min. ¾" thread): Very often existing through-hull fittings can be used (connection via T-piece into existing hose). In chapter 4.3, you find the requirements for the existing through-hull fittings for the supply of seawater.
  • Through-hull fitting for discharge of residual water (min. ½" thread): If an existing drain is used, it is important that no dirty water can flow back to the watermaker unit (see chapter 4.3).
  • Gooseneck: The integration of a gooseneck in the discharge of the residual water is necessary when the through-hull fitting of the discharge is lower than the watermaker unit (membranes and ERS).
  • T-piece connector: min. 16 mm internal diameter (when using existing seawater and wastewater piping).
  • Fresh water pump: The capacity of the usually already existing fresh water pump (supply of fresh water from the water tank to wet cells and galley) must be at least 6 liters per minute at 1 bar flow rate.

Consulting on installation by MAR nautic:
To carry out the installation planning with the corresponding required accessories, please consult the manual. We will be happy to assist you in planning the installation as well as in selecting the necessary installation accessories.

Please also consult chapter 6 in the manual. Please distinguish between routine maintenance, cleaning and preservation.

Routine maintenance:
Some routine maintenance operations require the replacement of the following products:

  • 5 Micron filter (5 in): in case of normal use of the watermaker, replace after 80 to 100 working hours (depending on the quality of the water, we recommend changing the filter more frequently).
  • Activ Carbon filter (5 in): to be replaced once a year.
  • Membranes (2.5 in x 21 in): to be eplaced every 6 to 7 years.

Cleaning and preservation:
The Cleaning Products SC1 and SC2 are used as follows:

  • The Cleaning Product SC1 (acid-based) is used for resting periods of two to three months or more (preservation of the system) or in the case of dirty membranes (e.g. recognizable by too high working pressure). This product removes inorganic elements.
  • The Cleaning Product SC2 (alkaline) is used in case of bad smell of the produced water. This product removes organic elements (including bacteria) in the system.
Accessories for maintenance

Technical drawing Schenker ZEN 30 - watermaker unit

Technical drawing Schenker ZEN 30 - pump unit

Installation scheme Schenker ZEN 30

Manual Schenker ZEN 30 12V/24V Basic - English

Manual Schenker ZEN 30 12V/24V Touch - English

Manual Schenker ZEN 30 12V/24V Basic - Italiano

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