Schenker Watermaker Modular 35

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The Schenker Watermaker Modular 35 produces 35 liters of fresh water per hour (9 gal/h) via reverse osmosis. Thanks to the Energy Recovery System (ERS) the energy consumption is only 100W/h. The desalination plant is directly connected to the on-board power supply (12V / 24V).
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The Schenker Watermaker Modular 35 convinces with high-quality manufacturing, low energy consumption as well as with a compact, modular design.

The desalination plant of the Modular product line consists of the watermaker unit (membrane and Energy Recovery System - ERS), the pump unit, the filter units and the control panel (Basic, Digital or Touch). In the main element of the system, the watermaker unit, the membranes are easily accessible and mounted on a robust, box-shaped housing in which the ERS is housed. As with Schenker's ZEN and Smart product lines, the individual units of the desalination plant are modular in design, thus allowing space-saving installation.

The Modular 35 watermaker produces 35 liters of fresh water per hour (9 gallons per hour) via reverse osmosis. Thanks to Schenker's patented Energy Recovery System (ERS), energy consumption is very low at 100 watts per hour (approx. 2.9 watts per liter / approx. 11.1 watts per gallon of water produced). The power consumption is up to 80% lower compared to conventional desalination plants. This makes the unit particularly suitable for self-sufficient water production. The watermaker is connected directly to the consumer batteries (on-board power supply 12 or 24 Volts).

The use of high-quality materials for all components and the well thought-out design make the Modular 35 not only quiet and low on vibration, but also keep the device absolutely corrosion-free and ensure its long service life.

Many recreational and circumnavigational sailors rely on the reliable Schenker products with low power consumption. In combination with alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power, they enable an independent lifestyle on the water.

Manual Schenker Modular 35 Digital 12/24V - English

Technical drawing Schenker Modular 35 - watermaker unit

Technical drawing Schenker Modular 35 - pump

Installation scheme Schenker Modular 35

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